THE FIRST WAY is to build it your self. Find your parts from swap meets, auto wrecking yards, magazines, the Internet (VW Parts houses, ebay, etc.) and word of mouth.  If you can weld and have the welding equipment that's fine. If you don't well, you can find you a professional welder to do it for you. It's a good idea to have a professional weld the critical welds for you if you are just an amature welder. This way may require total input by yourself in the construction as well as the necessary skills to do so. The pitfall here is that it is possible that you may build and rebuild your project several times, as the items that fitted early on in the project may get in the way of later fitted items you may not have considered due to lack of experience on a project of this magnitude. This way could be the least expensive and most personally rewarding.

THE SECOND WAY is to find parts from swap meets, etc., as in the first way, but to have the majority of difficult and technical sections of the project carried out by a professional. For example you could purchase a rolling chassis having he correct steering and suspension geometry with good brakes or you may opt to buy tested and proven individual components that you can fit yourself. Specialized work at the later stages, such as paintwork and upholstery could be handed to professionals in the particular field. The second way of building a trike does require minimal skills and resources and would also be one of the quicker and cheaper ways to get behind the handlebars of a trike.

THE THIRD WAY is to buy a completed trike, however beware that there are some drawbacks to this, e.g: your new purchase may not be registrable. It needs the proper documentation such as clear title. On closer inspection may need major repair work, the welds may not be up to par, engine or transmission may need work, etc. This way usually needs high initial outlay and if you don't totally rebuild the trike, it's always known as the trike that someone else built!

THE FOURTH WAY is to have the trike of your dreams professionally built from the ground up, to your own personal taste. This approach is ideal for the person who either hasn't the skill or the resources to build one at home. Talking to a pro and planning out your trike from conception to completion is a most rewarding thing and seeing your dream being constructed and progressing before your eyes is most satisfying, and you could be pleasantly surprised with overall expenditure.

Remember that there are always other trikers available to discuss your project and ideas: there is no age limit to owning and enjoying a trike - We know of a just retired 63 year old who wanted something different to do and is now heavily into triking So what are you doing still reading this? Get to it !!