Dedicated to my wife, Lena, who passed away from lung cancer October 4, 1996


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Our riding partner, Princess, who passed away on March 21, 2002


Lori, my riding partner Passed away on June 22, 2009





How do you feel about a friend that must go everywhere with you,

is so offensive to others that you become unwelcome when with him?

His peculiar odor sticks to you  wherever you go

so both of you stink, and when he says "JUMP", you jump.

He makes you go to the store to pick him up whenever he wants.

He burns holes in your clothes and has even been known to burn down a house.

He makes you stand out in the lobby so you miss the big play.

He is expensive to support and will never give you a penny in return.

He doesn't like physical activity, so he makes it hard for you to breath.

He carries an arsenal of poisons with him and every chance he gets, he makes you sick.

He has been plotting your death since the first time you met!

He overworks your heart and lungs,

clogs the arteries to your heart and brain,

and exposes you to cancer-causing agents.

Some friend your cigarette!!  Do you really need a friend like this???

Get rid of him NOW, while you still can!!!!!!