My subaru engine swap



I have decided to do an engine change.  From VW to Sabaru.   I have had my share of problems with the VW engine.

I tried to find an used engine and I thought I did.  The guy I called brought one over to me and after two days of cleaning it up I found it had a collapsed valve in # 1 cylinder.  So I called the guy back and he brought me another.  I really wasn't happy with what he came up with.  It looked like this one spend two or more years in a yard out in the open.  So I gave up with that.  I found a used 1986 GL 1.8 for sale.  This car had 128,8-- on the clock.  Hardly broke in yet (for a Subaru).  So I purchased it just for the engine.  This is actually better than buying an engine outright as I got to test it by driving the car.



With the lousy weather we have been  having here in Washington (Rain, Rain, and some more Rain)  I decided to take it to my local garage and have them pull the engine. 

Engine is out.  Need to pull the junk off and give it a bath.



 I am changing the fuel injected engine to a carbureted engine.  I have to use a manifold off of a carbureted  one,  which I already have.  I have a Weber 2bl progressive carburetor  kit for it.   I also had to get a distributor with a vacuum diaphragm on it.  Picked up a rebuilt one off of Ebay for an 85 - 87 XT 1.8 engine used on the Brat. It should work fine.  Also picked up a hi-voltage Accel 8140 coil.  I received my Kennedy engine adapter to fit the engine onto my 091 transaxle.   Got new plugs and wires and gaskets so I am pretty much set up to go ahead and install it.

I cut down the header pipes, stripped off the extra covering from them so when I mount them they will look like this with the pipe coming out the back (front of the engine)  I will be putting my "fishtail pipes back on"




 Got the engine cleaned up, intake manifold at the machinists making an adapter for the Weber 2bl progressive carb.   Installed the Kennedy adapter to fit the 091 transaxle.

Went to install the engine.  Due to a lack of foresight,  it won't go in due to the fact the distributor hits up against the support frame.  On a type 1 this would not be a problem but I have a type 2 bus rear end.



 Well, what to do now?  I'm not that good at redesigning things like this.  I don't see how I can cut the support beam enough to get the distributor to work.  I need to install the spark plug wires, and I need to be able to adjust the distributor.   Thought about just removing the bus rear and put on a type 1 swing axle.  Lot's of trouble and expense.  Decided to get a pro's help.  My auto mechanic, Gene, is also builder of race cars and does work on customs and custom fabrication.   So, I went to him and he told me to  bring the trike to his shop and he would see what he can do.  Makes me feel a lot better.        



Here he has cut the stock support beam off and made a new one for it.

The support beam has motor mounts at each end.  A bolt runs through it and bolts to a support welded on the sides.  It is removable.



Engine is in place, looking good.  Don't have to worry about the distributor not fitting now!!!!



Have to put the rear cage on next, then install the radiator.  Also have to turn the oil fill tube around so it faces inboard.