Purchased my fenders from Tex Trail trailer parts (Link below)


My rear tires are 10 inches wide so I purchased the 10-3/4" x 36" Single Round Fender, however, I should have ordered the 10-3/4" x 32" Single Round Fender instead as I had to resize it to 25".  I also purchased the Radiused Single Fender Back for each fender.

As I was not experienced in sizing the fenders to fit the tires I went over to my friend Dwight Timm's  house and he showed me how to do it.  (He's a real smart a-- whoops  I mean a smart guy)  So I have created this "How to resize your fenders to fit your tires" page on the site for those of you who have never done this before.  This is Dwight's trike.


He began by measuring the tire to size the fender came to 25".  He then made 6 equal measurements on the fender (both sides) then taking up a hacksaw he cut small  "V"s  with the end of the cut coming to the flat of the fender. 



After the cuts were made he took a wood clamp and placed it on the fender and pulled it in to 25" and then clamped a piece of thick copper behind each "V" and spot welded the "V" cuts.  ( The copper keeps the weld contained within the "V") and we have a 25" inch radius fender.   Used this type of clamp....



The next day I returned to my garage and began to fill in the gaps left when the "V"s were cut.  Again I used a small, but thick piece of copper to keep the weld contained within the "V".  I did this on both sides of the fender.  Then ground the welds even with the outside of the fender.  I left some weld on the inside so the weld would not be too thin.



I then measured the back plates to the fender and cut them to size.  I had to cut some of the bottom to fit my trike.  This may be different sizes for your trikes.  Use a plywood backing, clamping the plate to it so that it will cut without vibration.


Cutting the radius

Cutting to length


And of course, we all know what comes next. Yep, welding the back plate to the fender. Then grinding the welds to fit.



Now all you need do is drill the holes for the mounts and make a re-enforcement for the backs



New Fenders

Backing installed, holes drilled for mounts


Installed on trike,