First thing we do is remove the body.  If your going to discard it just cut it off with a saws-all electric saw, or you can use a torch if you like.  You then end up with something like this:



Depending on what you want will determine where you cut the frame.  Some will want to use the existing floor and cut the frame at the front as shown here:



Some leave the tunnel on but remove the floor.  They will maybe add a floor later on.



Others will cut the entire floor from the torsion bar and end up with this:



Which, when cleaned up and properly  prepared looks like this:



Now all you have to do is build the frame and weld it to the torsion bar.  From here on out it's your build.

When you prepare your rear end like this you need to make sure you get all of the "tin" off of the torsion bar.  You do not want to weld to a piece of thin tin.


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