brake vw brake conversion

      Contributed by Victor Yankech


Background information


I first studied all the different types of set ups I could find, by visiting my local auto wrecker. I discovered that GM disc brake set ups were the easiest to copy. And that they were the most adaptable to my needs.   So I picked up a set of front calipers for a 1987 Monte Carlo, along with  a set of mounting bolts to go with them. A set of front rotors that fit a 1986 GMC Jimmy 4x4, the reason for 4x4, is that in 2x4 drive set ups, the front discs come with the bearing hub molded into them, for this application this not needed. And of course a pair of VW rear drums.


Photo #1


Here you can see that I machined down the VW drum to the diameter of the inside measurement of the new GMC disc.


Photo #2



 I machined the drum hub flat on the opposite side, so I could fit a steel hub and plate that I fabricated to give the assembly more beef because of the side to side strain during driving.


Photo #3



You can tell it by the different color of metals. Then the VW hub was press fit into the steel hub and the bolt pattern was laid out using the GM disc as a template.